What is teachmeguru?


Teachmeguru is an online platform that matches students looking for tutors/teachers closest to their home location which also helps unemployed graduates to be hired by parents to teach their children. 

Teachmeguru was established on 31st January 2015, founded by Ak Abdul Azim bin Pg Yusof.

Currently, about 65 teachers are in the Teachmeguru database teaching a total of 1500 students.

The CEO and founder of the initiative, Awangku Abdul Azim bin Pengiran Yusof said he established Teachmeguru because he was a teacher himself and was teaching from home, starting with only one student who got motivated and showed ‘A’ results in his class. 



Main Objectives

The main objective of Teachmeguru is to provide a safe, convenient, effective and an online connection teacher-students system. It offers a platform for teachers to market themselves and ease for the parents to find teachers that suit their child academic requirement.

Awards and achievements